About Me

I am passionate about supporting individuals and teams to be the best versions of themselves. I believe in working in the intersection of personal, organisational and social/political systems.

I coach corporate clients and facilitate leadership and diversity conversations and team processes in a wide range of contexts and from director level down.

I am empathic and challenging according to the situation. I can bring arts based interventions into the corporate and public sector environment.

I am trained in Consciousness Coaching methodology which is
a goal oriented coaching methodology that helps client shift their thinking and step into greater responsibility for creating change.

In addition, as an HPCSA registered Art Psychotherapist, I also bring therapeutic insight and skills. I have a Bachelor of Business Science with honours in Economics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Fine Art, and a MA in Art Therapy obtained in Scotland.

I have a life time involvement in political and organizational

My vision

As a Coach, my vision is to create life changing impact that fundamentally empowers individuals. I would like to see more individuals and organisations equipped to deal with the issues arising from living and working in a complex and challenging world, particularly in but not limited to South Africa.

Through my skilful support, I endeavour to make an impact on the emotional intelligence, wellbeing, health and effectiveness of individuals and organisations. I support individuals and teams who lead and manage in organisations to create and increase awareness,
clarity, motivation, and effectiveness and help them
deal with high levels of stress, burnout and isolation.

My Values

• As a white woman I continually reflect on my privilege so that I interact in contexts of diversity with awareness
• I am deeply committed to personal transformation that empowers individuals to have larger impacts in organisations and society
• I respect for the capacity of the individual to find their own solutions and create the necessary changes to their situation
• Integrity
• Authenticity
• Reliability

What Others say

“The coaching sessions with Michelle were creative, structured, goal oriented and timebound. These processes helped me focus on very specific aspects of my ‘self’ and to grow more effective ways of ‘being’ in my personal and home life. Michelle was patient and empathic but assertive and clear. The impact of working with Michelle has literally transformed my life. I became un-stuck. I now focus on what I need to do and think to be the best that I can be. My relationships with family and friends have shifted significantly. I am truer to my ‘self’. In my work life, I am more assertive; less concerned about what others think of me; focussed on the process and outcome rather than the needs and impact of the process on other people; strategic about when to be transactional rather than emotional; equipped to delegate; able to hold people
accountable, etc.
I am eternally grateful to Michelle for her knowledge and skills, the work and effort she put in, for her genuine and positive regard of me and her nurturing but firm insistence in getting things done one step at a time.“
Nicky Vienings, NGO Director and facilitator

“Our first meeting, I had assumed would be a very standard one with basic question and answers all centred around my professional life — but boy was I in for a surprise! Michelle’s approach is anything but basic. In the first few minutes, she had already assessed and customised the session to better enable me to open up about my fears, challenges and hopes for not only my new position, but also my life in general. She had the balance just right, acknowledging that people in high positions are still just people first. Although she had been hired by the company, I did not feel that she was putting them first, she put me first.
In the next few weeks, Michelle consistently held my hand and helped me navigate through what I thought were impossible situations. All the while, I still felt I had 100% of her attention. In my belief, this can only be achieved by someone who has a lot of passion and experience for their work.
I was already a high achiever in my career, but with Michelle’s help, I soared and started reaching my full potential. The change did not go unnoticed by my team and my superiors. I was so happy with our session that I decided to continue with her in a personal capacity after her contract with the company
had come to an end.
If you’re ready to grow and make a positive change in your life, I would highly recommend Michelle. My time with her was literally life defining.”
Zeli Zulu, head writer for television series

“Working with Michelle has been an incredible journey for me. She made me feel safe from the very beginning, making it very easy to open up to her – something I usually find extremely difficult to do.
She has given me lifelong tools to guide me in the right direction towards becoming a better, happier version of myself. I have to highlight the skilful way that she encourages you to see a completely different point of view when it comes to the choices you make and the decisions you take in this journey called life. It has been a life changing experience working with her over the last ten weeks and my negative outlook is evolving into a much more positive and exciting perspective.”
Tracey Engelbrecht, Prodcution scheduler

“As Executive Mayor of George, I had the pleasure of working with Ms Michelle Booth. I found her to be a very motivational and focused individual with a broad knowledge with experience in the government sector which was very beneficial during our sessions as well as the sessions held with the Mayoral Committee. It was evident from her training that my Mayoral Committee benefited from their sessions that she conducted with them.
I am of the opinion that she could positively contribute towards shaping and enriching our future leaders.”
Melvin Naik, George Mayor