art therapy

I am passionate about the art of therapy – co-creating a unique therapeutic space that makes each client feel safe, heard and emotionally held so that they can embark on a journey of self-discovery, insight, and authentic empowerment.  

Art therapy is a powerful tool for self-expression and is helpful way of working with whatever is going on that is making us stuck, unhappy, angry or upset including experiences of grief, depression, inadequacy, fear, loneliness, addiction, confusion and conflict..

Art therapy can lead you to unexpected insights, enable you to access your inner world and facilitate a meaningful exploration of difficult experiences. It can bring to light unconscious feelings and emotions that may need to be felt and experienced in order to embrace your life fully. It can assist with the expression of feelings and experiences that are difficult to put into words. It can help you feel resourced and connected to your own inner wisdom.

No previous skill or experience of making art is necessary because it is more about the process than the final product. Whether you are looking for insights and growth or find speaking about your situation difficult, why not try art therapy

I am informed by Jungian thinking, the approaches of Process Oriented Psychology and mindfulness practices. I believe in the wisdom of the body. This means that in a session we might explore dreams, work with movement and body sensations in addition to making images.

I am a registered Art Psychotherapist with a two year Masters Degree in Art Therapy from the Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh and a Post Graduate Diploma in Fine Art from UCT.